Pumpkin Carving


We had a busy night ahead of us on Monday (Dylan and Jackson’s Scary Story Award) but we also needed to carve pumpkins, so we broke with tradition and carved pumpkins after homework was finished…. but before Matt came home from work.  Usually I help clean out pumpkins and Matt carves.  This time I got to do it all and I loved it! I seriously LOVED it!  We’ve grown our own pumpkins for the last few years, and we’re always hoping we have enough.  Last year we got 4 big pumpkins and a million tiny pumpkins which worked for us.  We set out 4 big and 2 little pumpkins out front.  This year we got 5 big pumpkins so we set out 5 and 1 (or 2) baby pumpkins. (Not an announcement.  We only got 2 tiny pumpkins total this year and it was fun to have them out!)


Cayden and Ashlyn cut, clean and carve their own pumpkins.  It’s always fun to see what they come up with!


Dylan loves the feel of pumpkin guts.  Notice Alison daintily cleaning hers out with a small spoon. I love it!


Dylan drew out his pumpkin face, exactly how he wanted it, and then I carved it for him.


Jackson hates cleaning out his pumpkin.  He dry heaves.  He looks around and sees everyone else doing it and he’ll reach his hand back in, but he just can’t do it.  It grosses him out so much.  I helped him clean it and he was happy to draw out his face! 


I have to admit that we have to draw toothpicks (cut at different lengths) to decide who gets to pick out their pumpkin first.  


Cayden created a “Grumpkin.” That made me laugh!


The whole display a few nights later on Halloween

DSC_0168small_edited-1  DSC_0169small  DSC_0170small  DSC_0171small  DSC_0172small


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