Soccer Season


This year was a different sort of a soccer season.  All of Dylan’s games were in Highland- a 20 minute drive at least- while all of Jackson’s games were a few blocks away.  Generally Matt went to Dylan’s games (1- Because Matt is the “on-time” police, a good thing and 2- He said the field is tricky to find).  Generally I went to Jackson’s games (1- I’m the team mom and 2- Alison likes to come with me and it pays to be in driving distance to our bathroom.  We walked to Jackson’s first game.  Mistake.) There were a few weeks where we could probably have gone to both boys’ games but most often we were both coming and going to get each person where they needed to go.  Divide and conquer. Throw in getting Cayden to and from Space Camp programming up by that new Adobe building and we were truly shuttling/supporting for half the day. 


 I made sure to go to one of Dylan’s games – yes, I totally got lost…. as in I blew my 15 minute early arrival time frittering around Alpine and squeaked in just before the game started.  In my defense I have a new phone and thought I’d set up maps (I did) but I’d needed it go one further step.  Eek.  How did I get to be so dependent on technology to get me to a soccer field??? Back to the game.  Dylan was on FIRE! 


The coach yelled, “Dylan! What did you eat for breakfast?!!”  Wherever that ball was…. so was  Dylan.


For part of the 2nd half Dylan was the goalie. (The goalie shirt is green and they’re playing a green team. Confusing!)  He blocked all shots that came his way. I was so nervous!  It’s easy to get distracted when the ball doesn’t come your way for a while.  Especially for Dylan who couldn’t resist wrapping himself up in the goalie net.  And then the ball starts coming.  He did well though!


Jackson’s games are fun to watch.  Even warm-ups are cute! (Jackson- Far left)


But when that games starts…. Jackson leads the pack.  He is so fast!  He always seems bigger than the other kids.


They played a good season but we’re always ready for a break when the season ends.  Last Saturday (October 26th) was their last soccer game.  This will be our first free Saturday for months!  What to do? Our garden’s already cleaned out and we’re not ready to tackle painting yet.  It seems like we need to figure out our future flooring plans in order to pick out the right paint color for the walls.  And besides, I just don’t feel like painting.  Baseboards are the worst! And you always start with those….


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