Ashlyn And Her Rocket


Ashlyn’s awesome 6th grade year continues, and this time with a rocket launch. She spent a late night with Matt building this rocket, and then another night spray painting it with him. 


They were so careful with this rocket and Matt predicted, “This might not be the prettiest rocket but it will fly the best.”


I went to the field that morning with the girls to watch the launch. Ashlyn’s teacher, Mrs. Riding, is on the left helping Ashlyn. Mrs. Riding’s rocket was the giant silver one, and it totally did fly! 


Rocket ready to go! Just need to get an engine.


Ashlyn was ready a little early so she took Alison and Megan to the playground for a few minutes. 


That made their day! 


Bad news- Matt and Ashlyn glued a piece upsidedown so the engine that was supposed to go with her rocket didn’t fit. We thought she wouldn’t get to launch it at all, but the person running the launch gave her a smaller engine and they were able to squeeze it in! He warned her that it wouldn’t fly very high because that engine wasn’t as strong. We were just glad that she would be able to launch it!


You can see her rocket just starting to take off!


It totally worked! Yay!  Ashlyn told Matt, “You were wrong! My rocket was the prettiest, but it didn’t fly the best.” She didn’t mind though because she still got to launch it and she was pretty proud of the sparkly paint 🙂


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