Fall Break – Part 1


Matt got back from his trip on Thursday, Friday he worked from home for a while and we played around at home- Jedi’s and lightsabers, building forts, Wii, some house stuff I’m sure, but relaxing most of all. Recovering might be the right word? I don’t mind Matt traveling at all. I’m glad for the homecoming when he gets back- that freshness when he walks in the door is magical! Still, being gone 2 of the last 3 weeks was not so fun.  He was worn out too.  A Friday without big plans was a good thing. 

Dylan’s teacher assigned the class an “I Wanna” project. It was a writing log where they were learning how to make convincing/logical arguments.  He had to think of something he wanted (“I Wanna”) and try to convince me to get it for him.  My job was to write a counter-argument back to him. Then Dylan would write in class and think of a way to solve my reasons- back and forth  for a month! The teacher sent home a note at the beginning saying “Whatever you do, DO NOT give your child this item until this project is over.” Most kids were writing about a toy they wanted. Dylan wrote about going to the University of Utah Natural History Museum again…. and this time with the whole family (Matt).  I had to think of so many reasons why we couldn’t go- soccer games are on Saturday (wait until soccer season’s over), dad’s out of town (go when he gets back), I don’t like to drive in the snow (buy snow tires), snow tires are expensive (I’ll pay for half). It was a good exercise, but I was glad that it ended before Fall break so we could go and Dylan could show Matt around!


Megan enjoying a 2-year old sized chair


The girls checking out the lizards.


Dylan showing Matt around the dinosaur area


We found out that you could dig for dinosaur bones outside!


Alison enjoyed exploring more than digging


I couldn’t resist one more 🙂


Dylan helping Megan turn the crank.


The tiles on the floor held “water” that you could move all over the place!


I really enjoyed hanging out with Cayden. It seemed like we could saunter along and talk more than we usually can. 


Jackson was “the man” at solving these pottery puzzles. He was the best of us all, and the fastest!


Dylan’s photo of me. I love making it into posts!


Cayden making an earthquake-proof building and testing it out.


Damming things up left and right


Relaxing on the roof……


….. with a view like this.


Cayden still loves rocks. They have a great collection here.

We played, brought a lunch and ate it there, and played some more. On the way home we stopped at Bruges and ordered a huge cone of fries with dipping sauces. We wore everyone right out.  We may or may not have turned on a show in the van to stop kids from fighting about water/space/touching/bumping the seat in front of them/locking someone else’s seat belt and making obnoxious noises.  It worked.


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