Today- The Real Deal


I am bucking my style and blogging out of order. I am forever behind and trying to catch up, but today I just have to get it out there. Being a mom is HARD some days. Even when everyone is tucked into the van, lunch boxes in hand, homework in backpacks and dropped off to school (and don’t even try to figure out how much work goes into getting that all to happen) there is still so much TO DO!

I love it. I wouldn’t trade it. But it doesn’t take away the fact that if I don’t make a point of doing fun outings/leaving the house- it’s easy to get bogged down with the constant demands that come with running a household. I can’t even imagine a life like Downton Abbey- where there is a person assigned to every single role- chef, maid, nanny, gardener, dishwasher – because it is seriously a lot of work.  This morning I washed the dinner dishes (already behind, Matt’s out of town, took the night off, not really- I was just tired), got started on laundry and decided to clean the shower. The girls were playing babies and animals and all was going well. I hopped in the shower, cleaned it, and took a shower myself (always how I do it). When I got out I could already hear the coloring on the wall.  A serious art project was in progress.


Except they were using sharpies. I flipped out. No really. I can’t believe how much they drew while I was cleaning the shower (and showering and shaving- going all out so that I’m not a cave-woman when Matt gets home from New York tomorrow).


No attention was lost to detail.


This looks a lot like Alison’s favorite puzzle at the museum (click here). I can already see the mitochondria and the rough endoplasmic reticulum.


I am still UPSET! Can nothing in our house stay nice? Must there always be a project?! I have to remember that we were going to paint anyway within the next year or so. The baseboards have had 8 years of scuffs and scrapes. Same with the walls. It was time. I just didn’t want to throw it into the chaos of October/November/December. Also, these little munchkins create projects that better our home in the long run. Dylan tipped an iron over into the kitchen counter – scorched the formica counter – and we’ve enjoyed a beautiful counter top ever since. I’m going to love freshly painted walls and trim.


I can tell it all started with retracing a Costco “smiley face” that was fading on their hands. Which led to smiley faces on feet/ socks/ legs/ pajamas/ walls….


Deep breath. Deep breath. It’s gonna be okay. I just needed a moment….


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  1. What a wonderful way to let the world realize how everyday is!  I LOVE IT!  When you come to our house, and see the painting over the fireplace, look for the Crisco and green crayon all over the mounting.  It’s permanent, and part of our life.  I guess this will part of your life for a few months…..the art work is indeed fantastic I think!  Love ya, M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

  2. A flood of memories! Exploding Dt. Coke cans in the pantry, flooding my bathroom – right after our new tile was put in, emptying a Costco size of bag balm all over themselves and Kate’s carpet, throwing the books the home teachers let us borrow in the washer while it was going. And yes, we had coloring down our hallway, luckily it was just pen and easier to get off 🙂 Good thing these little ones grow up and seriously you forget how hard it they were!
    P.S. My neighbors son sprayed gold spray paint on their car and the exterior of their home – could be worse, ha ha!

  3. Crystal, when these two little girls are mommy’s…..OH, how they will receive comfort, joy and a calm when they know they did it, too. It’s a perfect blog with a mommy in order, even though her insides were tearing out her hair. Perfect!

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