General Conference


We had a good General Conference this year. The girls who could (Kristin and my mom) got together while the boys went out for priesthood. We were able to listen to most of the Saturday morning session but none of the afternoon. Thank goodness for the Ensign and! Matt and I have been listening to a talk every night and it is something we look forward to! It changes couple scripture study up a bit, which is nice 🙂

Sunday morning Matt left for New York for a business trip and wouldn’t get back until Thursday evening, the first day of Fall Break.  He set up a TV for us in the kitchen and drove off to the airport. For the second time he flew out to New York with Elizabeth Smart. What are the odds?!

Day one of Matt’s trip was so relaxing. No church (no sacrament meeting to handle solo, no Singing Time to prep for), no homework, no schedule. Just jammies and conference.  The kids played and played and played. They were always handing out tickets to puppet shows and talent shows! This was a day where I decided to say “Yes” to everything. It felt good to be so loved!


I made these puppets for the Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake and haven’t given them to Matt to take back over there.  We’re just breaking them in…..

Cayden was a ham!


We discovered “making ghosts on the camera.” Jack was the first one.


Dylan giving it a shot


Ashlyn had so many good ones- It was hard to decide which one to use!


We did watch Conference, of course, but I have to say that I wasn’t able to just sit and watch without distractions.


Ashlyn decided to make an apron for her bunny. I explained the process to her, and she did it all on her own.


It was nice to have a project that she could start and finish in the same day. I need some of those projects! For me 🙂


The finished product!


This was a favorite game of the day…. Leading Megan around with her binki. She doesn’t really like a binki, but we found this in the “doll care” diaper bag and she was enamored with it. Megan’s eczema was flaring up, especially on her legs, so I let her spend the day without pants so it wouldn’t rub (and to remind me to keep her slathered with lotion).


Jackson wanted to do “sand art” with his crafting supplies. I decided that the way this was going to work on my “Yes” day was to take it outside. Genius! Spills didn’t matter, messes didn’t matter and it was fun to be outside… in jammies… with sand and glue…


Dylan passed out tickets to a family movie night and it was a great way to finish off a great day. Of course this was just day one of Matt’s trip. By day 5 I was a zombie and was completely ready to return to being a two parent household. There’s nothing like a work trip to make me realize how much Matt does for me. I always “know” it, but when he’s gone I know it!


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