September Hodge-Podge


I think I’ll never have a shot at getting ahead unless I just combine the rest of September into one giant post.

First I want to talk about Cayden. He spent the summer applying for an internship at a new space camp. Not just a day.  It took a chunk of summer to apply. He’d spend days going through all of the testing for Java (or Java script), and then spend days testing on another programming language, and then days on another.  We’d go on vacation and when we’d get back he’d log onto the computer and keep testing. At one point the testing program froze and didn’t let him go back and finish the question- it just skipped him ahead to the next section. To try and make that work he set up a new user account and began at that skipped question and finished the testing.  I wasn’t sure the program director would see the work-around that Cayden did to fix the problem. I thought he’d just see two incomplete user tests.  He never got a firm response when emailing the director about the problem/solution so we just hoped for the best. When school started he still hadn’t heard back- I thought Cayden must not have gotten in – but we entered September and got the news that Cayden was chosen and that the “mandatory parent meeting” was the evening of the piano recital. Cayden and Matt went to the meeting, I took Ashlyn, Dylan and Jackson to the recital and I got a babysitter for Megan and Alison.  We were spread out among three towns that night, but I’m glad that everyone’s finding things to be apart of that they’re interested in! Now Cayden spends Saturday mornings at the space center, programming the simulations for the different camps.


Recital Night: Dylan was nervous to get up in front of everyone. When it was finally his turn he played great…. and then was ready to go home. My friend- the night is still young.


Ashlyn and I played a “Chopsticks” duet. We had such a fun time practicing that crazy, loud piece at home!


Ashlyn also played a duet with Kristiena- another loud, dramatic piece (her favorite style).


We were lucky enough to have Kalina and Holland stay with us for a few days while Scott and LaNae took Jared up to BYU-Idaho. Alison and Megan were in girl heaven. Ashlyn, Kalina and Holland would take them to the trampoline, play games with them, tickle them and try to get the highest honor bestowed by a 2 and 3 year old – the high five/stones combo. It worked. 


When Scott and LaNae came back on Saturday we kept them up late playing “Werewolves” with their whole family and Matt’s parents. Sunday morning, LaNae totally got the girls ready. It was awesome to have an extra set of hands! They came back after sacrament to pack up and left friendly notes all over the kitchen. It was a fun surprise! I’m going to have to remember that one 🙂


This is Ashlyn’s “Year of Field Trips.” Here she is, all beautiful and looking fabulous for the Renaissance Fair at Thanksgiving Point. We knew it was going to be a cold day so I packed her lunch with a thermos of hot chicken noodle soup and a thermos of hot chocolate.  It did start snowing partway through the day, they ate lunch huddled in the van of their chaperone, and eventually went home two hours early because it was freezing.  To fill up the time their class watched the first half of “Princess Bride.” On Fridays (this was a Friday) Ashlyn helps a different 6th grade teacher after school for Service Club. This teacher had started throwing up on the bus ride back to school (what a trip) and had gone home, so Ashlyn got to finish the second half of “Princess Bride” in her best friend’s class. It was a fun, adventurous day even though it was cold.


Now that it’s not blazing hot, Alison’s rediscovered her love of biking. She can now bike around the block without stopping.  Earlier in the year she always had to stop and rest, and about half of the time she would never get back on so I’d end up pushing a stroller (Megan) and a bike the rest of the way home. I am celebrating her increase of stamina!


On this bike ride, Matt came along and carried Megan!


We always stop to check out Brother and Sister Funke’s flowers.


Alison’s new “thing” is organization. Lining things up. Here are her babies sharing a pillow 🙂


Alison’s constant companion- pink monkey. Megan’s constant companion- elephant. Alison is gathering their buddies.


Here Alison gathered all of the monkeys and elephants from around the house and lined them up. Monkeys all in a row, next to elephants all in a row- biggest to smallest.

Last bit of September news: I am now the Primary chorister. I am not a performer by nature, so I’ve really been trying to channel my hidden extrovert side. The new primary presidency was put in just a few weeks before I was called, so we are all trying to figure out what songs the kids know. They’re trying to frantically write the program, I’m trying to see how ready they are. It’s been interesting to have everyone starting fresh. I had the kids sing “Jesus Said Love Everyone” for the opening song last week.  It’s a staple at our house and a song I thought everyone knew- nope, blank stares all around. Ha! I got to sing a lovely solo! I’m having a fun time though. I was nervous at first, and yes there’s the back row of Sr. Primary that just slumps in their seats and refuses to sing (Ashlyn’s class- what?), but I’ve liked having fun and teaching music at the same time! I’m looking forward to the Primary Program being over (Nov. 10) so that I can be done with reviewing, reviewing, reviewing! 



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