Rainy Day Magic


As summer is winding down, rainy days have made an entrance. There is nothing quite like a late summer rain storm. All of your senses come alive at once!  The sound of the rain pouring down, shifting whenever a gust of wind races past. The smell of damp earth mixed with sky. Millions of tiny drops rippling across the quickly puddling roads and sidewalks.


We couldn’t stay away. Homework was forgotten and we all sat down on the porch to watch.


At some point, watching has to be replaced by running!


For some reason, Ashlyn’s umbrella is the only umbrella left in the house. Where did they all go? Two-by-two they set off to explore.


Alison and Megan are quite content to leave the exploring to the older kids. 


I’m enjoying the changing of seasons. It won’t be long until the leaves start to change, the daylight hours shrink away faster and the hot cider evenings begin.

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  1. Cute post.  what other mom would realize the adventure in the rain, and catch the activity on camera.  YOUR LUCKY KIDS to have you as a mom!!!!!!!!!!  crystal, I will make a casserole for your dinner tomorrow if that’s ok.  Love, M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

    • You know what? That would be wonderful! THANK YOU for thinking of me 🙂 I haven’t been sleeping that well- I have a lump on the side of my throat/neck and it’s freaking me out (more than hurting). At night is when I start to worry…. Calling the doctor tomorrow, but even after taking a Tylenol PM last night to try to sleep and not think about it- still left me awake but absolutely exhausted this morning. It’s been a good day today but after so many people I’ve know recently being diagnosed with cancer (that dreaded thing) it makes me anxious- I’m thinking it’s just a gland thing but it’s quite low (almost near my collar bone). Seeing the doctor and getting the “okay” will put my mind at ease. And I will truly be glad to not have to worry about dinner on top of that!

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