Labor Day


This year we decided to go nuts with planting tomatoes.  A few years ago I’d gotten a few boxes from Mitchell’s and we canned tomato sauce like crazy. Once you’ve had the home-grown stuff, you can’t go back…. 


This year we planted 14 tomato plants. We babied those plants and they grew monstrously huge  in no time! The only problem? The tomatoes were mislabeled. Instead of 14 Roma plants we grew 14 plants producing these tiny things (bigger than cherry, smaller than Roma). Romas are supposed to be good because they’re not so juicy which means you won’t need to boil them down as much  to get a good sauce. These little guys took a LOT of boiling! And lots of peeling. I think we do have one Roma plant in the mix.


On Labor day we had our 3rd day of canning tomatoes. I did the first day solo a month earlier before I’d realized how  much boiling they really needed. Yikes! They separated an hour after processing the jars. Top 1/3 of the jar has a layer of tomato sauce, bottom 2/3 of the jar layer of water. I’ll be mixing tomato paste with those ones when I need them for anything! We have it down now! Matt ran the show the last two times. He sets up the camp chef and has stations for every step. I like that it’s outside so we can just hose everything down when we’re done!


We had a great time! Besides Cayden (who dry-heaves when he’s around tomatoes) the kids get really into our canning days!


Hosing down the back patio turned into hosing down kids! The afternoon turned into a water party!


Complete with a pool for the little ones! Simone is so sweet- she played with everyone!


Alison was not afraid to go after anyone!


We finished this day in backward style- with Matt sewing and with me at Home Depot. Matt was sewing flags for Ashlyn, Dylan and Jackson to put their Jr. Ranger badges and patches on. 


While he was sewing, I put 3 clear coats on Ashlyn’s dresser. Finally done! Now we just have to add hardware and Ashlyn will be back to having a dresser again! 


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