The Girls


I wondered what it would be like when the older kids were in school.

Would I have a lot of free time?

Would I happily do all of the shopping that I wish I could do now that I only had the 2 girls at home and no Kindergarten schedule to work around?  I remember the days I could lazily walk through Tai Pan Trading or shop for clothes….. Clothes….

Would the girls rely on me for their sole source of entertainment now that they didn’t have the older kids to join in with?

I perused my phone pictures to get a sampling of our school days…. 


It’s been so pleasant. Alison and Megan have become close, relying on each other for a good time. Alison interprets all of Megan’s possible needs and comes to me with requests. Lately they’ll empty a basket of Duplo Legos (the big ones) in Alison’s room and spend a good hour or two just building together.


Along with a school schedule comes after-school snack necessities. It’s one way to get everyone sitting down together after they all get home, which naturally leads to getting homework started. I usually bake something a couple times a week during Megan’s nap and Alison is there in a heartbeat. She loves to cook with me (I love her Elvis smirk!)


Surprise, there are wings!


Library with Elle- we just signed up for story time!


Right now coloring is HUGE. Coloring side-by-side in the same notebook is how we fly most days!


Matt said, “She looks like a future librarian!”


They really like to be together. Alison has her monkey propped up on her windowsill and they are checking out the big flowers just outside the window. Just chillin’.

I haven’t tackled Tai Pan or clothes shopping but normal shopping is pretty easy. While they’re fresh and playing in the morning, I actually can tidy up the house or start laundry without feeling like I’m neglecting them because they are happily playing. By the time Megan goes down for a nap I usually have a good handle on the day’s tasks which feels good! I’m glad these girls have each other. It will be strange when Alison heads off to school. Megan will feel it for sure….


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