Dylan’s 8th Birthday


Dylan turned the big “8” this year. He was excited and nervous all at the same time. Well, nervous about having to talk with the bishop because that meant having to TALK, but not nervous about the actual baptism part. 


Birthday breakfast? French toast with whipping cream, syrup AND powdered sugar. Birthday dinner? French toast casserole.  Some people in our family might have hit their French toast limit after this birthday (and Jackson’s), but since Cayden’s birthday isn’t until January they should be able to tough it out 🙂


After our bike ride with Robb’s family we realized that we needed to bump the boys up to bigger bikes.  Matt and Dylan went bike shopping and came home with this beauty and Jackson was very happy to take Dylan’s bike as his own.  They were both determined to ride their bikes to school the next day despite the impending weather.


That evening we prepped and started drawing clues.


New set of grown-up scriptures!


Dylan chose banana cream pie instead of cake. He kept saying that he chose Matt’s favorite dessert (and it surely is!). 


We had a great time celebrating Dylan’s birthday!


Because Dylan’s baptism was the Saturday after his birthday, we chose not to cram a birthday party into the mix and turn his baptism into a chaotic, distracting weekend. It was a good move for me too, because preparing for family events is always more time consuming than I think it will be. Fast forward to September 21st (almost a month after his birthday) and it is the day of his friend party. He chose a Lego theme and we had grand two hours of building and playing!


I had insisted to Matt that this is a birthday party I would prep for but that he would run. Insisted. (Can I admit that I was burned out? Planning and executing 3 family birthdays, 1 friend party (Jackson’s) and Dylan’s baptism. I was seriously ready to take the back seat). And then Matt came down with the flu. I doped him up, hoping he was wrong, but he slept and watched football games in bed. Lots of football. By the end of the day, I think he had his own burnout issues with football. I rallied the troops and the party was so fun!


I’m not really sure if a party could go wrong with a room full of Legos.


The boys all designed and built Lego cars.


The whole goal was to see how many Lego minifigures they could knock over. I called it “Minifigure bowling!”


This was the highlight of the party. Nate built the minifigures while the boys built cars, and he was the one who set them up at the bottom of the ramp. He narrated every death- it was so hilarious! 


Dylan- lining up his car just right!


Jack, triumphant!


Homemade Lego cake, store-bought frosting from the cake decorating/deli counter. I knew a dark red frosting would be hard to pull off. I didn’t want to risk my homemade red frosting making his cake look like a giant pink Lego.


The “crazy” group picture! I’m so glad Dylan has good friends. I sure love this boy!

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