Megan’s 2nd Birthday


My little Megan just turned 2. I still have a hard time not saying, “I did this with the babies,” but the truth is that neither of them are babies anymore. They only play with babies.  Life is busy with babies, but it is sweet and precious too. It makes you slow down and appreciate the gift of life. Now we’ve graduated to toddler-hood and with that comes other gifts- the joy of learning, finding happiness in the smallest accomplishments and activities.  Nothing needs to be complicated to bring happiness. I love it!


Megan knew that she was the center of attention when we gathered for presents and cake! She absolutely beamed!


Megan is such a happy girl, always smiling!


Ashlyn trying to coax out some laughs. Everyone loves to make Megan laugh!


It worked 🙂


Dylan pulling his own funny faces!


You can see that we all adore Megan!


I was surprised that she knew how to blow out her candles, but she did straight away.


Look at these brothers. Megan is well loved indeed!


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