Jenny’s Bridal Shower and Wedding


Kevin’s daughter, Jenny, just got married and we had a great time watching her go through it all.  I drove my mega-van up to Bountiful with Kristiena, Maylee, Leslie, Matt’s mom, Alison, Megan, Ashlyn and myself. It was definitely the party van, and no one parties like the Lunds! Leslie was handing out bridge mix and we chatted the whole drive up! My favorite thing to do with our van is to load it full and driving carpool! I love watching the rows of kids unloading and imagine the jaws dropping in the cars behind me.  Just kidding- they have to know they’re not all mine, right? This year we’re in a smaller carpool and my elementary kids children have biked most mornings which means no huge drop-offs. I’m taking my bursting-from-the-seams, van-loading while I can!


Alison and Maylee were helpers at the bridal shower and delivered presents to Jenny!


The camera on my phone is lamentable, not nearly as good as the phone I dropped in salt water (groan) but I am glad it even comes with a camera at all.  I almost swore off smart phones altogether after that- I hated buying a new one… but I am glad now. I think the phone in my future has to be the break-proof, sand-proof, water-proof iphone. How many years until the price tag starts to drop? I think I’ve met my quota of new phones for a while anyway.


Megan appreciated Maria’s toy basket. It kept her entertained through the whole shower which made me appreciate Maria’s toy basket too!


On Jenny’s wedding day Matt was able to go to temple. It was our 3rd day of school so when the kids came home we changed and drove up for the wedding luncheon and the reception. Their backyard was beautiful- lights hanging across the yard, the fountain running with a spotlight, beautiful food and landscape. It was absolutely perfect.


I don’t know whose idea this was, but SubZero (the ice cream people) catered the ice cream bar. The staff was SO friendly! And trust me, if they can take heckling from Matt, they are golden! They made the ice cream on the spot with liquid nitrogen and it was so fun to see the fog rolling across the grass.


Andrew kept all of the kids entertained downstairs. I don’t think we even saw Dylan and Jackson until the very end of the evening! They all love Andrew and Thomas!


Kevin, Margaret, Jenny and Eric


Ashlyn and Megan


I was so glad that we could be a part of Jenny’s wedding!


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