The First Day of School


School is starting up again. It’s been a long enough break that everyone was ready and excited to go back!


Kyle, Kevin, Cayden and Ryan are all in 8th grade. They carpool and eat lunch together. It’s nice to have these guys so close!


I have to admit that this is actually the 2nd day of school for the elementary kids. The first day was to hectic trying to get everyone out of the door with backpacks and extra bags loaded up with school supplies and class donations. The 2nd day was much more relaxed and most days so far they’ve biked to school. I appreciate it in the mornings – I get to keep my jammie-clad self in the house with my jammie-clad girls. They appreciate it after school because they get home a lot faster, a perk they notice most when it’s hot outside.


I love how Alison biked right into this picture! Just hangin’ with the crowd.

Jackson said this to me yesterday after coming home from school and finding me folding laundry: “Mom, when I was in kindergarten you did laundry all of the time. Now that I’m in first grade, you hardly ever do it at all.” Yep, if you don’t see it, I must not be doing it 🙂

Jack really did like helping me fold warm laundry.  Those were the good ol’ days of afternoon kindergarten…


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  1. Crystal, our stake is doing a 2 1/2 hour cannery assignment. for doing this you can purchase 3 cases (24 cans of over 14 oz. each) for $40.00 dollars. I signed dad up for 7Am on Wed. Oct. 16th. Let us know if you are interested in going. They are mainly women except the 7AM shift. M

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

    • I don’t think there is a chance I could make it. That is rush hour at our house! With 1 or 2 girls sleeping/waking in the midst. In a few years, though, I’ll be joining you!

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