Jackson’s 6th Birthday


Jackson always knows exactly what he wants for his birthday party and this year was no exception: Superheros. We had a fun time planning the games and lunch. In fact I kept scaling the plans back- simple is better! 


Jackson decided, once again, that his birthday party needed a pinata. The not-so-great news: I waited until the day before to start construction. We had a fun time dipping newspaper strips into a gloppy flour mix. Alison and Jackson were completely disgusted. Jackson gave it a try again after he put on rubber surgical gloves, but it was still way too gross.  I found myself trying to add layers of newspaper throughout the day while the wind was whipping newspaper all over the backyard. I finally had to snatch it off of the table and into the house when the rain started to pour. This pinata might be the last I ever make!

Who am I kidding? The kids love it, it’s fun to make (if you’re not cramming) and it’s practically free.

Still, adding the 3rd coating of newspaper at midnight was not great planning on my part…. If I had a vice it would surely be procrastination. What am I saying?? “If” I have vices! Ha! I have plenty of vices and procrastination is definitely on the list!


Jackson chose French Toast Casserole for his birthday breakfast….. and leftover French Toast Casserole for dinner. That was original thinking! That’s one way to get your favorite meal twice in one day 🙂


The Superhero party was a success! The trampoline was flying school. (We normally didn’t have 7 kids on the trampoline)! 


Cayden was a good sport and was the villian for the party. He dropped “bombs” all over the place and had the idea of blasting Darth Vader music whenever he appeared. He made the party!


The kids trying to get the town’s people out of the ice block with their water guns – man that Mr. Freeze is sure a bad guy!


I think that was probably the game we liked the best!


Jackson trying to disarm the bomb.


Birthday cake


Superhero friends 🙂


Matt had Youth Conference on Jack’s birthday, so after we ate our leftover French Toast Casserole and realized that we didn’t have any more cake, we set off to get snow cones at the best snow cone shack around! The ice is so soft!


It’s not the best location (State Street) so the kids played on the train tracks while the 6 snow cones were getting made. Crazy that I’m yelling – Go toward the train tracks! Anything to keep them away from State Street. 


As soon as the snowcones were ready we drove over to a park to actually eat them and just play around! This superhero cape was designed by Ashlyn (she used a pattern she found online). She picked the colors and made it reversible – Superman on one side, “J” on the other for “Super Jack.” We spent the morning of his birthday cutting and sewing it together. I had such a good time with her!


Matt surprised us by coming home early, so we had a little time together as a family before tucking all of the kids into bed. A fun birthday for a fun boy!


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