Cove Fort Days


Every year I think about taking the kids to Cove Fort during Cove Fort Days. An older couple in our ward served a mission there and they love to talk about it. During Cove Fort Days they have wagon rides, games to play, hot dogs and drinks. It always sounds great… but we never actually go.  This year I read an article about it in the paper and it spurred me on to make this our Friday excursion. I’d just gotten a new phone (I broke my old phone the lamest way ever- I slid off the bottom bunk after reading to the boys and accidentally bumped my phone in the bowl of salt water – Epsom salt – that Jack was soaking his wounded toe in. It fizzled and was instantly fried). Anyway, we were heading off and I was trying to program my new phone to navigate me to Cove Fort. The app wasn’t there. I couldn’t download a new set of maps either. So I ventured off by memory and headed off on I-15. I knew it was just off of I-15 so I wasn’t completely irresponsible. I’d packed bagels and plenty of snacks but what I didn’t realize was that it was over 2 hours away. We had a good time, a movie was playing and all snacks were consumed before we got there.


Cayden was the only one who really got the hang of this game!


Exploring the top of the fort.DSC_0143small

Megan liked climbing up and down the stairs. A lot. She found this cute little spot where the stairs just end at the wall.


The view from the top was pretty cool!


I love the black lava rock! (You can spy Jack at the top)


I love the size of those two bread pans. The guide said that 15-20 loaves of bread were made daily. Wow! I’m lucky to when I get one loaf out of the oven!


It was a hot day. This picture says a lot- Cayden has been having migraines a lot this summer and the heat brought one on.  He tried to stay hydrated (he planned ahead and brought his camelback). Dylan had been running to see everything, everywhere- it is hard for him to sit still for this picture! Alison is tired already… (Good thing we brought the double stroller). Ashlyn is always looking for ways to help. Jackson is easy-going.


This picture says a lot too – These are great kids


Everyone liked the hot dogs! Especially the ketchup.


The highlight was the wagon ride. The line looked like we’d be there forever, but they had so many wagons running we were onboard in just a couple of minutes!


We had a great time, we learned a lot about the fort. One guide described the fort as an old-fashioned 7-11 where travellers can stop to refuel and eat (and sleep) on their journey- and it was a safe place to do all of that.  On our way home we did the same thing- we made a pit stop, restocked our snacks (the hot dogs had worn off) and we continued home in good spirits.

The boys literally stepped out of the van, packed their backpacks and took off to Payson Lakes with Matt for Fathers-and-Sons.  Ashlyn and I enjoyed the quiet house and watched a few episodes of Merlin after I put Megan and Alison to bed.

Family is truly the best thing in life! 



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