July Moments


July was full of company and travel… but it also had plenty of normal, lazy moments too.


For some reason Costco dominated the budget. Maybe because when we prep for trips, it always means you need a Costco trip? And the cart is ALWAYS full.


Ashlyn decided that she wanted to repaint her dresser so we hefted that gigantic dresser and its twelve drawers and got to work. After we primed it took a solid month before we got around to actually painting it….. (trips, company, my feeling of not wanting to paint after getting everyone to bed….)


Dylan’s has been obsessed with making snowcones. Every friend that comes over becomes a part of his rotation. They all have a job whether it’s cranking the snow cone maker, holding the cup under the machine, adding syrup (in this case, thawed otter pops) or passing them out.


Dylan’s costume today is a dragon, complete with wings.  Because real dragons have wings.


Today’s outfit was inspired by pirates, indians, superheros and scouts. It was usually worn with his scout day camp shirt when it was clean. This made regular appearances throughout July!


Ashlyn made progress on her doll house by staining the floors.


Ashlyn snuggled these girls up and had me take a picture because they were both doing their thumb/fingers at the same time.


Lying still only lasted a second and then Megan ran over to show off her latest trick. What?!! I still had my camera.


It soon became clear where Megan had picked this up.


And they thought it was hilarious to do this together!


I know summers don’t revolve around trampoline time, but really I think it’s been used the most this year. Megan is always begging, “Jumpie! Jumpie!”


The boys have been good about playing softer when Alison is on the trampoline so most evenings they are all out having a good time.


Those boys!


Cayden’s latest “thing” has been solving Rubiks Cubes.  (This picture was taken by a photographer at the Heber Farm Day). He carries one around everywhere and can always solve it. It’s a complete mystery to me but he’s learned the strategy and no matter how hard I mess it up he has it back in place in a few minutes!

It’s been nice to have the down time this summer. I don’t think anyone was bored very often. We had outings enough to change things up.  The kids enjoyed playing inside, outside (and upsidedown as I learned). They got enough Wii and DS time that they didn’t feel cheated, but they also built forts, block castles, lego towers and car tracks.  I’m always so glad for summer break- the chance to unwind and see the kids play together. Don’t get me wrong- there is always a place where you have to come to peace with a dirtier house, the fact that it might take the whole summer to get a dresser painted because projects like that get put on hold (because I’m TIRED!), but this is the good life!


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