Fun in the Sun with the Dixon’s


Robb and Ginny’s family drove off on Tuesday, Wednesday morning we drove off ourselves to spend a few days with the Dixon’s at their cabin.  I can tell you that I was glad I’d had a chance to catch up on laundry. It made it easy to load up our suitcases and head somewhere fun to get them all dirty again!

DAY 1: July 24th – Pioneer Day


We met up with the Dixon’s at the Fairview Pioneer Day’s Parade. It was a small town parade where every float throws candy and waves at the kids.  It was a friendly, fun and short parade- the best combination!


Alison spent the first half of the parade just watching everything but by the end she’d make her way over and try to pick something up. She usually lost the race to older and faster kids, but Ashlyn was always there to bring her a piece. There was no saving candy for later for Alison though- she ate every piece she came across! It actually worked out well that she spaced out her candy conquests 🙂


Afterwards we had a picnic lunch at Eric’s cousin’s house. Emily, Alison and Megan loved the swings….


…. while Ashlyn, Rachel and Dylan tried to befriend their cat (who never seemed very excited when they cornered it). 


To finish the afternoon off we went to the town museum where they had all sorts of pioneer activities planned!


Cayden practiced and practiced stilt walking.


Ashlyn could keep a slow and steady pace!


A woolly mammoth skeleton was found in Fairview during construction a while back and it is the crowning exhibit.


Cayden took a lot of pictures of some cool rocks. Here is one of my favorites! The label (can be read on a different picture) just says” ONE OF A KIND from Uba Reservoir”


Rag Rug making. We actually had a good time with this one! Makes me want to try this out on a larger scale with my huge box of scraps.

After the museum we headed back to the cabin to let everyone rest up before the main event of the day- the Demolition Derby!


We had awesome seats! Nice and high! Only one problem- there was literally not a way to exit besides climbing through people. Not cool when you are potty training and they need to go to the bathroom every half hour. Or changing a blow out where it keeps blowing out every step you climb down to get to the bottom- people are not seeing the seriousness of this situation!

  • Apologies to the teenage boy on his phone- hopefully he thinks his splotchy shirt is spilled mustard.

  • Ditto to the splotchy benches I stepped over to get out of that maze.

  • Gratitude to Jackson (who had to go to the bathroom at the same time) for handing me a billion wipes.

  • Apologies to everyone who had to watch me change the gloppiest 1 year old in the whole stadium. In the dirt. Porta-potties do not cut it. The line to the one bathroom was 20 people long. We could not wait for 20 people. We needed to get this done, stat!

  • Gratitude that Megan was wearing an undershirt that night that caught the brunt of it.

  • Gratitude that we had hand sanitizer in my camelback.

  • Gratitude that I had cash in my wallet to buy Jack some cotton candy after that fiasco!

I digress….


Dylan was so cute- he kept sharing his water with Megan….


…. and people watching, and cotton candy watching. (I brought back cotton candy for everyone after my abrupt exit).


Even though the boys all knew the cars would crash ON PURPOSE the first time it happened they were still shocked- that can’t be right!


It was so fun to see cars crashing, fire flares, steamy engines and spinning tires. It was a great night! We stayed in the stands afterwards for spectacular fireworks!

DAY 2: July 25th- Our 15 Year Anniversary

We spent the day relaxing and playing! What do you do in a cabin in the mountains?


We worked on an awesome fairytale puzzle (this one) by James C. Christensen


Alison fell in love with their drum set. 




Air Hockey (Dylan’s favorite)


Bow and Arrows


Wrist Rockets


We had a great time! Pulling the couch out onto the deck, listening to Eric read to the kids, looking at the stars, playing games (I think the boys won this time at Pinochle- Matt and Eric, a rematch is in order!) and watching the kids play and play and play!


It’s been a great 15 years Matt!


I am looking forward to the years to come!


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