Saturday night, after getting home from the “Family Farm Day” I was getting Megan ready for bed. I took Megan’s shirt off and found sores all over her chest.  A few days earlier she had two little circle scabs on her knees that looked just like cement burns (like a fall on the sidewalk) and for going to the farm I had her wear jeans.  I took off her pants and she now had a third sore – above her knees now and huge. Whatever it was, it was spreading. We called Paul and Leslie and they stopped by on their way home from Heber and took a look.  Paul was kind enough to talk with and text photos to a friend who said it looked like eczema that’d gotten infected (so much scratching this summer!). We decided to wait until Monday to take her in to see the doctor- also the day that we had plans to go to Snowbird with Robb and Ginny’s family.  We thought of all kinds of ways to rearrange our plans- hit the doctor’s office early (if they could even get us in early) and then spend the afternoon in Snowbird- but in the end Megan was exhausted from company.  Every time she’d walk into a room with a “stranger” in it, she just fall and the floor and cry.  I volunteered to keep Megan and Alison home, get Megan to the doctor and let the girls spend a quiet day at home.  Monday morning everyone drove off and I could see Megan relax.  My friend, Corinne, watched Alison for me while I took Megan to see the doctor. The diagnosis was impetigo and to get the sores healing quickly she was on both topical and oral antibiotics.  We picked up Alison and really did have a quiet day- the girls played, there was no rush to do anything or be anywhere, I caught up on laundry and house chores. It did wonders for Megan! My sad, anxious Megan turned back into a happy, carefree girl! 

Meanwhile at Snowbird…


The kids were living it up! Dylan and Matt buddied up which Dylan absolutely enjoyed. I think Dylan revelled the one-on-one time.


Robb was kind enough to buddy up with Jackson. Jack has always loved Robb.


It all began in 2009- Jackson was almost 2. Jackson LOVED Robb and was his constant companion when we camped at Salamander Flats up AF Canyon.


Robb was Jackson’s 2nd dad at the 2010 reunion.  In almost every picture we have of Jackson he is sitting with Robb!IMG_5293small

2010- Hiking Battle Creek Falls with Robb’s family. Luckily Robb seemed to like having a dusty hiking buddy! 


Ashlyn and Cayden, lined up to go down the Alpine Slide.


Rock Climbing


Ashlyn was the fastest- no matter what climb she was doing. Maybe that has something to do with her daredevil nature 🙂 


Jackson was really good at doing back flips on the bungie trampoline. Again, and again, and again! Matt had to tell Jackson this is something you CAN’T do on the trampoline at home!


These were poles that launched you up into the air.


No fear!


These were fun but not so comfortable on the legs…


Next Matt took Dylan on the ropes course.


I think this was Dylan’s favorite thing. It was really high off of the ground and he was nervous, but I think that’s what makes you proud- that you did it anyway.


You can see it was a gorgeous day! 


The kids came home happy and tired. We got Cafe Rio takeout, the adults played games after the kids were in bed and  Robb’s family drove off the next day. We sure love these guys. In a few years the little ones would be able to handle a long road trip better, but until then I’m glad Robb and Ginny’s family make the trek out here!

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