Heber “Family Farm Day” With the Lunds


Every 3 years or so Matt’s family has a reunion. Lunds travel from all over the United States to attend. Next year is the official Lund reunion, but this summer we had a “Family Farm Day” at the Ellis farm in Heber instead. Jackson was a cowboy for Halloween last year and makes sure that we can clothe him in at least one cowboy shirt. (It was truly on our back-to-school shopping list).


As we were gathering, Dennis took us on a tour of the property. First stop? The barn.


This lead to a good 20 minutes of jumping into the hay from all sorts of heights!

DSC_0202 small

Kara was so kind and helped all of the little jumpers!


I think my camera is still recovering from its fall in Capital Reef, but luckily I have a few action shots that aren’t too blurry!


Hanging out with the cousins in the barn!


Our next stop? The hay barn. This lead to hours of fun- some hay piles were the store, others were the house, etc.   It’s hard to tell, but this hay loft was up pretty high! Dylan had me climb up to check everything out and I was a little freaked out getting down.  They just jumped off into a pile of hay.


It’s hard to tell but this day was a scorcher! Luckily Matt brought up his camping gear trailer so we had canopies to sit under, camp chairs, a cooler with drinks and plenty of camel backs for the kids to stay hydrated. Matt thought of everything!


The Ellis’s did too! We had popsicles when the kids needed to cool down and plenty of activities for the kids. They were busy the ENTIRE day!


Alison showing off her shiner from the back doorknob from the day before!


Cayden has always loved bow-and-arrows!


All of the kids worked hard on target practice and got really good! It was amazing to see how much they improved throughout the day!


Dylan loved feeding the horses but was so nervous about them touching his hand! He’d feed them an apple slice and the second their mouth touched his hand he’d drop the apple (you can see it falling). Dennis was so patient with him and helped him keep a steady hand.


We spent hours horseback riding and I was impressed with how gentle their horses were! Dennis even got his horse to smile for the camera with Jack 🙂


Dylan was especially glad to be able to ride this horse after spending so long trying to feed it!


I wondered if Alison would be brave enough to go on a ride but she hopped right on without any hesitation!


Matt’s mom held Megan for a while which was a big help.  Both girls were overwhelmed with the crowd and between walking Alison to the cabin for potty breaks and Megan wanting to be held it was nice to have another set of hands!


Matt’s mom showing Megan the horse!

Every morning last school year when I drove Cayden to the Jr. High we’d pass a field with horses.  Every morning Megan would pipe up, “Look! A doggie!!” Every morning we’d say, “Meggie! It’s a horsie!” But even when we drove the last day of school she’d still squeal, “Look! A doggie!”It was so cute! This year we began the morning trips to the Jr. High again and for the first time she said, “Look! A horsie!”

Maybe her up-close horse encounter made all the difference. It is strange to hear that little voice in the backseat get it right now….


Ashlyn loves animals. She always has. This was a dream come true. If I couldn’t find Ashlyn she was by the corral, petting the horses and slipping them apple slices. There was even a horse that was determined to be stand-offish.  I watched her talk softly and after a while the horse was ready and they were friends.


Ashlyn loved riding horses more than anything though. She was so good that they let her ride around the area by herself. She even took Megan for a ride.


The boys were happy with all of the events- most especially the rocket launching!


One of my favorite moments was when Matt wisked me away on a 4-wheeler. Leslie and Kara were nice enough to watch Megan and Alison and we drove off into the countryside. The sun was setting and everything was golden- it was so beautiful and for that moment life was absolutely perfect. I know that life is perfect a lot, but it was so nice to have this moment.


Matt taking Jack on a 4-wheeler ride. Jack loves adding new accessories to his cowboy look 🙂


Ashlyn, Alayna and Maylee playing as the sun was dropping behind the mountains.


Cayden finished off the night chasing the littlest cousins and giving them hugs. 


It was so nice to be with family- to relax, play, visit, cook and laugh together! Looking forward to Nauvoo in 2014 with the whole Lund clan!

Recent Photo Additions: Pictures from the photographer!

Family 1small Family 2small Family 3small Family 4small Family 5small


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  1. LOVED IT. sent it to anyone who might give me the courtesy of taking a personal peek. Love you, m

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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