Summer Fun With Our Cousins!


When Robb and Ginny’s family came down for a few days, we knew we were in for some fun! 


Ashlyn and Alayna could always be found together- building Calico Critter towns, setting up stuffed animal houses and playing in the back yard. There were lots of sandy showers that week 🙂DSC_0116small

Cayden and Michael’s mission was to create a Rubik’s Cube solver. They were constantly building and programming.


We had fun playing games- during the day and into the night.


We were so excited that Mar, Kara and Marley came up to stay! We celebrated by grilling pizza (for the adults) and buying pizza (for the kids).  Okay, this is the only picture I had! Sorry that almost every person was mid-bite….


While the adults were eating and talking, the kids spent their time playing…


…. and playing…..


…. and playing some more!


I think it makes every parent happy to see their children playing and loving the children of the brothers and sisters you love and grew up with.


When the dads were done eating, the teasing began. Run Marley Max!!


Even Ashlyn got captured!


(Luckily she got to go back).

We had such a good time with these families! Lots of late nights visiting and playing. Dylan’s trying hard to get us to go to New Mexico for Fall Break.  I wish Texas was closer. One of these days we will make it – that will surely be a road trip to remember! (If we survive!)

9 stops for a 4 hour drive.  So 36 stops for a 24 hour drive?!  I can imagine it only too well….


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