The Murdock Canal Trail At Last!


After a few good intentions of biking this trail, we finally made the trek when Robb and Ginny’s family came down for the week. This was my second ride on my road bike, and although I did fall off of my bike twice while clipped in (once trying to turn around and once trying to stop) they were both at such slow speeds that it was more embarassing than painful. 


Since Robb was using my trusty mountain bike, my true-love when it comes to bikes, he offered to pull the bike trailer with Megan and Alison. The Murdock Canal Trail was a gorgeous way to spend the afternoon. Low traffic, bathrooms and water fountains along the way, freshly paved…. and I wondered why we hadn’t gotten here before!


Our first break.


We truly felt like we had the world to ourselves.


Here is our turn-around point. As we discovered on the way back- we went too far out for the younger ones.  It took a lot of mental and physical exertion to make it the last bit of the way to the van for the little ones.  Matt and Josh took off from this point and continued to Pleasant Grove and then biked straight to the house.


Here are all of the kids resting while Robb is loading up a dozen bikes! They did such a good job! Things to remember for next time:

  1. Even if the kids are feeling great, remember that they still need to save energy for the return trip.  

  2. Everyone needs a camelback! We spread our camelbacks out between families but when Ginny and I stayed with the younger group we found that neither of us or the kids we were with had any water! We were so glad for the drinking fountains along the way back- lifesaver! 

  3. We need to do this a lot more often! It’s free and healthy and it’s media-free entertainment!


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