Space Camp


This summer I wanted to make sure that I planned some fun things for the older kids to do. Ashlyn’s grade has always been underfunded for class field trips and they’ve missed the big field trip EVERY year. Strange, right? No hike to Timp Cave, no trip to the zoo, no space camp. When she realized last year that their only field trip would be a walking field trip to some random park (because her teacher felt really bad) I knew that we needed to work in a space camp outing on our own.


I signed Cayden and Ashlyn up about a month in advance for a “late night” space camp, 4:30-10:30ish, pizza included.


About an hour before we were supposed to leave, Ashlyn started getting really nervous.  Cayden’s been a few times and she felt weird jumping into this for the first time. I gave her a pep-talk, I wouldn’t let her back out, I told her it’s good to try new things…  and then 10  minutes later I felt horrible.  What if she has a really bad time? What if this makes her feel stupid instead of happy? So, I decided to have ANOTHER talk- and in that amount of time she’d decided she was excited to go and didn’t want to back out at all!


I have to admit that I was a little worried, just a little. I volunteered to pick them up and let Matt hang in his jammies at home 🙂 They’d had a fabulous time! Ashlyn’s job was to crack codes which she was glad about- a good job but without pressure so she could learn how everything worked.


They got to show me around all of the different ships before we left! The way to get between space ships was through a transporter. Instead of doorways they had turn-style doors which was a blast! I was glad that Cayden and Ashlyn got to do something fun, just for them!


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