Ogden: Doing the Dinosaur Rock


After our picnic in the van at the botanical gardens we drove over to the Ogden Dinosaur Park. I won’t lie- it was a hot day.  We were stocked with all of our leftover drinks from Capital Reef and were glad to start our day inside the museum.


I thought Alison would be so afraid of the robotic dinosaur snorting and pawing the ground, but she was fascinated.


Lately Cayden has been really into rocks and their cool names.  I found this on my camera and the name is awesome.  I want to name a rock!


We headed out to the playground and the boys especially loved the tree slide (It was pretty sweet and had lots of levels. And it wasn’t made of metal which makes a difference on a hot day!)


We followed the trails around the park, learned about dinosaurs and Cayden taught us that triceratops are just a toddler stage of a different kind of dinosaur. Crazy, right?! (Here’s the article). So we thought we’d just hang out with this toddler triceratops until….


… the  moment we realized we’d let it snip off all of our arms at once!


We found shady trails to explore and even a “secret” one.


We found a shady spot to dig in the sand and we were all happy to to just sit…. And dig….


Sometimes we dug to find dinosaur bones. Sometimes we dug to bury Ashlyn 🙂


After a good and thorough digging, we drove off to get ice cream from the original Farr ice cream store and headed home. Pineapple coconut is still my most favorite, but the lime rickey hit the spot. A great Field Trip Friday. And checking two things off our summer bucket list in one outing? Booyah!


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