Ogden Botanical Gardens


When Ashlyn and I went up to Ogden to cheer for Michele during her marathon, we found the Ogden Botanical Gardens.  We didn’t explore too far because we didn’t want to miss Michele… and because of the torrential rain and the one umbrella we needed to share between the three of us.  When we made our Summer Wishlist of things to do, coming back here was the first thing Ashlyn put on the list.


I think this picture shows that we were all still a little tired from celebrating the 4th, but this place was gorgeous! The good news- plenty of spots for the explorers to find (little tunnels and caves in the shrubbery) that kept everyone happy and not in too close of proximity to each other which frankly was just what we needed!  Everyone needed their space and a field trip and the same time.


Everyone found something cool and brought everyone over to see it. Here was Alison’s!


Cayden found a great resting spot 🙂


Ashlyn loved these flowers. They looked like little cups!


Jackson found the source of a little river that ran through the gardens.

Here are the flowers Ashlyn wanted me to take pictures of:


Above: She named these flowers the “Fireworks” flowers. 

DSC_0501small DSC_0504small

Next Dylan took us exploring to a river across the jogging trail.


He took every route that involved climbing things!


Megan is often my buddy no matter where we are- home, the park, the store- and today was no exception.


Alison really got into the little pathways too!


We spent a good chunk of time at the river lounging and skipping rocks while Dylan and Jackson built a secret club house.  They spent their time dashing from their clubhouse to the riverbank. We had a lazy Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry afternoon. We had plans to head over to the Dinosaur Museum and our lunch was in the cooler… in the car… so eventually our stomachs told us it was time to move on.


I loved this moment, walking on the jogging path back to the car, when I saw this little group holding hands. Cayden is such a good big brother.


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