July 4th – Celebrating Family Style


This year July 4th was a scorcher, so we looked forward to starting off the evening (late afternoon really) in the pool.  We stayed there until the burgers hit the grill!


Alison showed no mercy with her water gun. She absolutely loved it!


She was VERY nervous when Ashlyn took her around the pool.


Ethan and Jack had a good time showing off their moves while the girls were dancing to music.


Kristin taught the kids how to do a pyramid! Alison did a good job but for some reason neither Cosette or Megan (both under 2yrs) wanted to be on the top 🙂


My parents are the greatest!  I know it’s a lot of work to host so many families but they always welcome us all over to eat and visit and swim. It  makes a difference! It keeps the family close- visiting and catching up, hearing stories and walking with the kids.


Alison loves the river…


There was a game of catch nearby….


Popsicles and fireworks- the perfect combination!


Megan kept her distance from the fireworks but, as it is with all of my kids, the popsicle kept her entertained!


This year Alison was fine to watch them on her own for the first time with her “hand-made” earplugs. Ha! I just love a good pun. No really. (Click here to see her expression last year!) It was a great day. We enjoyed watching the big fireworks as we were driving home.  The whole drive home Megan would say, “Look Cayden! Fireworks!” Then we got off the freeway and she yelled to Cayden (who was in the back row), “Look Cayden! A truck!” and “Look Cayden! A car!” and finally, “Look Cayden! Stuff!” I am so grateful to live where I do, near so much of my family, in the country that I do and in the time that I do. Every time we change seasons- whether it’s one where we turn on the AC or turn on the furnace, whether we turn on the ceiling fan at night in our bedroom or turn on the electric blanket, or even planting our garden or popping ice cubes into my lemonade, or even hopping in the car to quickly drive somewhere- I always think of the pioneers (Matt would agree that I compare everything to the pioneers).  I’m so grateful for them and wonder how I’d measure up… and it sure makes me appreciate what I have now.


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  1. what a precious posting. I’ll bet your parents LOVE being able to provide the family get-togethers. It’s wonderful for all of you. I really enjoyed the click on last year’s and to see how much the kids had changed in a year. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!m

    *******************************************Everything tastes good with chocolate except broccoli—Maria Lund

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