July 4th- Battle Creek Falls


We woke up on July 4th and…. did some chores I think.  I realized that if we wanted to do something as a family… something that stopped me using all of my free time (even on a holiday) to catch up on laundry… I needed to act fast.  I pulled Matt aside and suggested going hiking.  Within 30 minutes we were driving off, a feat almost unheard of these days due to a scrambling to find matching shoes (for 2 boys who can never find any of their shoes), baby supplies, toddler supplies, water for all and and snacks to boot.  But we did and drove off.  There is nothing like being outside as a family- everyone takes a deep breath of fresh air and we have the common goal of getting to the same place together- in this case a waterfall. It doesn’t matter that some are bigger and some are smaller or even that some are carried and that some are doing the carrying.


We took plenty of stops on the way up- isn’t that how it always is? Enjoy the scenery on the way there and speed walk on the way back


The trail was strangely empty for chunks of the way- probably because most people went bright and early instead of late morning when the temperatures were starting to rise.


I love this bridge! Not pictured: Megan (in a backpack)


Checking out the cave


Ashlyn giving Alison a “horsey ride”


The falls at last!


Megan wasn’t too sure about the waterfall- very noisy!


Caught on camera: A rare moment when Dylan wasn’t exploring the hills 🙂


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