June Wrap-Up


June has been a good summer month. Everyone is glad for their free time, we haven’t hit the boredom stage (much) and there are still times of the day when you can be outside and not get heat stroke.  We spent the first half of June going on one miles walks together in the morning.  We’d walk a mile (the girls would be in the stroller) while everyone else would scooter, bike or roller blade.  Then we’d walk the mile lap again and play at the Fishy Park so Megan and Alison could get in some fun too.  Dylan, Jackson and Ashlyn would defy the laws of gravity by going full speed down a big hill and every time I thought for sure they were going to crash… but somehow they always recovered their balance and kept on going! I know myself well enough to know that I would be the one to crash/tear my ACL/get road rash/crash  into someone else so that they fall and I land on top of them so that I get a cushy landing and they get stitches.  Yes- all of them true stories.  So instead of fame and glory and tearing down the big hill myself, my place is waiting at the bottom and reminding kids to stop before they get to the intersection.


One day Alison wanted to play with playdough in her ballerina outfit, and little by little the rest of the kids and their friends made their way over. I bet we spent a good hour making playdough and building like crazy.


Dylan and Jackson’s new love is Tron. They built these Tron rings out of K’Nex and even found ways to hook them onto the back of their shirts.  Then they decided they’d rather use them for battles instead!


The whole month of June has been Tron themed. I bet Cayden’s watched it with 3 friends (with Dylan and Jackson in tow) and as a family probably at least 3 more times.  Hey, it’s summer- totally legal to stay up late and watch Tron. I don’t get the obsession, but the music is pretty cool.


Megan’s hair is long enough to wear in pig-tails. Finally! She hated every minute that it took me to fix her hair this way-  and it meant absolutely nothing to her – but I thought it made her look all grown up… As grown up as a 1 year old can look anyway!


Alison still loves dressing up!


Dylan and Simone set up a school in the backyard. Here Dylan is teaching everyone that this shape is a quadrilateral trapezoid. Good times! Now we are embarking on a voyage into July where the weather is TOO HOT and we are having more days where people are BORED. Luckily we have some fun plans ahead to break up those days into manageable chunks.  Cousins, reunions, fireworks and cabins. It should be a good one!


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