Kangaroo Zoo


One lovely Friday, while Cayden was off at Scout Camp and Matt was working from home, I was trying to figure out what to do for our “Field Trip Friday.”  Here would be the perfect chance to squeeze in something for the younger kids, right? We had 4 extra punches on our Kangaroo Zoo pass so when Megan went down for her nap (leaving a quiet house for Matt to work away) we piled into the van and drove off!


The kids had a great time running, sliding and bouncing! For a Friday afternoon we practically had the place to ourselves. The kids took advantage of this and decided which inflatable was whose house, where their clubs met- the whole afternoon was spent as a giant playtime!


The last time we’d gone I’d taken Megan, who was NOT thrilled with the bouncing and instability of it all.  It was a good thing to let her take a nap instead.  It felt strange to be wondering around the place with complete freedom to snap a picture here or there, sit down and watch- everyone was happy doing their own thing!


Alison buddied up with Ashlyn most of the time and was proud of herself for doing all of the big slides like the other kids!






After two hours everyone was still going strong, but Matt texted me that Megan was awake.  As we gathered up and got on shoes and socks I could tell that everyone was crashing- good timing after all!


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