Jedi Training


We went from having pleasant, breezy afternoons to insufferable heat overnight.  Everyone still wanted to play outside but we had to find a way to beat the heat! We came up with Jedi training camp! Luckily we still had our beloved lightsabers from Jackson’s birthday last year.


We filled up water balloons and hung them with yarn.


It was trickier than they thought to pop a water balloon with a pool noodle Jedi lightsaber!


The challenge made it fun though.


While I filled water balloons and hung them again, the boys practiced their Jedi skills on the trampoline.


Alison even got in the action! She had her own balloon that the boys weren’t allowed to pop. It was all hers!


Sometimes it took a while!


In the meantime we filled up the kiddie pool so Megan could have her own water fun! She LOVES to fill up measuring cups and pour them out. It is seriously her most favorite thing!


We had such a fun afternoon, and I loved that we could still spend it outside!


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