Summer Camps


June was a month of summer camps.  I’m sure this is normal, but this is the first year that we’ve had so many kids involved in things that take them away for chunks of time! All 4 weeks of June we had someone gone.

Week 1: Cayden went to Timberline, a scout leadership training camp


The parents were invited to come up on Saturday for a program before they went home. Each color group put on a skit.  Cayden is the smiley scout holding the flag 🙂


Later they were given patches and awards.


I’m not kidding, it was the longest program in the history of scouting!  The leaders themselves were putting skits on constantly, their assistants put on skits, and if the word “announcement” ever came up, you were in for a 5 minute production.  Despite the length it was fun…. and very, very hot.  I think the boys with camelbacks were glad to have them! We were so glad to see Cayden- he looked so grown up when we picked him up! I was glad he had the chance to go, grow and learn!


How our kids passed the time!

Week 2: Ashlyn went to Clear Creek (5th grade summer camp)


Ashlyn had such a fun time at  Clear Creek! She took a million pictures and I think I’ll let her pick her favorite ones and write her own post about it! She was lucky enough to share a cabin with her good friend, Cali, and absolutely loved every little thing- even building a pot gut trap (I think she caught 3 up there).


Alison was glued to Ashlyn when she got home!  Ashlyn is showing off her pot gut trap and Alison is absolutely happy to be a part of  it.


Ashlyn let all of the kids toss a rock at the trap to make it spring shut. No fingers were harmed in the process and they were entertained for many days.

Week 3: Cayden went to Scout Camp at Scofield

Matt went with Cayden for the first 2 days and Cayden got so sick on the 2nd day.  They thought for sure he had the flu.  After Cayden’s 2nd class they decided to stop by the medic’s tent on the way out.  He’d been drinking water throughout the day (he was always wearing his camelback which makes it easy) so they knew he wasn’t suffering from dehydration.  The person staffing the medic tent said that if you’re dehydrated you don’t give a person Gatorade because your body treats anything that has calories as a food instead of a liquid.  Instead he said that Cayden had heat stroke which means that his body was struggling to regulate his body temperature in the heat.  In that case, Gatorade helps.  He gave Cayden some gatorade and food (he hadn’t been eating because he felt sick) and within a half hour he was back to normal.  He almost missed most of scout camp! His favorite thing was practicing at the shooting range 🙂

Week 4: Dylan went to Cub Scout Day Camp, Tuesday and Wednesday


Let me tell you, Dylan had so much fun! He’s not 8 yet, so he hasn’t even been to a den meeting.  What a way to get excited about scouting!  Spending two days running obstacle courses, working with leather, building tee-pees, shooting BB guns and arrows- awesome!

The day after Dylan got back from camp we drove off on our own family campout to Capitol Reef. It was time to spend time together with EVERYONE!


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