Highland Glen Park


Our first full day.  We relaxed, we played… but then we were ready to do something different.  A lot of options were mentioned but I have to admit I was glad when they picked feeding the ducks at Highland Glen Park.  Why?!! I was dying to find the Murdock Canal Trail.  I wanted to poke around and figure this thing out! I stopped a biker right by the lake and he told me that you have to bike up to the Alpine Highway (a few blocks west of the park) and then you can pick up the trail again as you’re heading south.  No wonder we couldn’t figure it out last week.  The trail actually stopped and jogged  over- and is not marked this way at all!  Mission accomplished!  It came in handy more than once that afternoon.  We ran into our friend Helen, who couldn’t find the spot where the trail picks up again and I had an answer! I also got to quickly volunteer this information to a husband who was (unkindly) berating his wife for taking him on a ride where she couldn’t find the rest of the trail.  At least I could set him straight…. And now we can give this trail another try in the future.  So far our Saturdays have been booked, but I am looking forward to trying again!


Our first mission: Feed the ducks


Alison was nervous at first but settled right in!


The ducks weren’t starving (I’m sure Memorial Day was like their Thanksgiving).  This was a good thing because they weren’t aggressive at all.


Megan’s main objective was to explore!


There’s a trail that leads around the lake and we like to walk around it.  Eventually we came to a shallow spot where the water was clear and the kids couldn’t resist wading!


This led to Cayden teaching everyone how to skip rocks 🙂


The little nature trails are my favorite part.  We crossed bridges, hiked up a tiny (man-made) waterfall, collected acorns and watched people fishing.


We finished up at the park there and came home tired, happy and ready for a nice, cool house.


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