Soccer Season Finale


Soccer season has come and gone. This year Dylan and Jackson were so excited for it to begin.  Dylan had been practicing with other kids at recess and was anxious to put it to good use.  It really made a difference!  Dylan is a fast runner, and if he decides to beat everyone to the ball, he will BEAT everyone to the ball!  The only thing that I’ve been trying to teach him is that he gives it up too quickly- if any other person on his team is running for it too, he’ll back off.  Matt says he thinks it is because of our “family culture.” I don’t know how to feel about that! I feel really competitive when I’m cheering for my kids- don’t even let this mamma bear side come out- but at home I try to develop a calm environment- everyone’s loved, everyone’s opinion is valid, etc.  The other day the boys were light saber dueling in the front yard and I yelled over, “Remember not to hit skin!” and Matt leaned over and said, “Let them be boys! If they get hurt, they’ll learn a lesson about how to play and not get hurt.” A few moments later their light saber duel migrated right next to Matt’s brand new car and he yelled over, “No light sabers by the car!” and I leaned over and said, “Let them be boys! If they hit your car, they’ll learn a lesson about how to play and not hit cars!”  It was in good fun, but it really is hard to know how to foster that competitive edge and yet …. I don’t know …. keep another side (I don’t know what that other side is).

DSC_0030small 2

Here Dylan is, running in front of the pack to get to the ball.


More amazing leg work! (Dylan is the grey team! He happens to be playing a maroone team – also the color of Jackson’s team in the younger age division – and they had a blonde boy that looked just like Jackson at first glance and even ran like him.  You can see him leading the maroone team’s group. The whole game I was doing double takes!)


Jackson, doing some fancy footwork of his own! He always wears a grin when he’s playing.  We’ve had several parents approach us and ask us if Jackson is always that happy.  Yes, he really is.


Jackson, far right, with his team and coaches.


Ashlyn and Matt, having a friendly soccer game of their own!


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