On The Hunt For The Murdock Canal Trail


The Saturday before our ride, the Murdock Canal Trail opened.  I was so excited to try this trail out with our family! A newly created trail, it’s paved, it connects with the Highland Glen Park, it heads over to Thanksgiving Point- a perfect family trail!  We packed everything up, drove off, parked, unloaded…. and searched everywhere for the trail.  We saw signs and followed every lead we could find but nothing that lead us to the trail- disappointing!


Luckily a separate trail from that same park leads you to the mouth of the canyon so we decided to do that instead.


We had good weather, plenty of water, granola bars and beautiful scenery!  Jack needs a bigger bike- his legs furiously pedal but his little tires don’t take him nearly as far.  Jackson kept up really well but I know it would be easier if he had a bike that was bigger.  He’s growing so much!


Ashlyn enjoyed the flowers during a short break.


Despite the change of plans, it couldn’t have turned out better! There’s something about getting out in nature as a family that draws you closer.  But be prepared… our next family bike ride WILL be the Murdock Canal Trail!

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