Memorial Day BBQ


After our bike ride up the canyon we came home Matt made up his famous burgers, I whipped up some pasta salad and we had a BBQ with Matt’s parents.  We had a good time visiting.


Soda was served that night.  Soda was spilled that night.  The theme for the kids that night: SILLY

At least we were in the back yard where silliness doesn’t echo off the walls and create a deafening roar.

Luckily we didn’t scare Matt’s parent’s off- they chuckled and enjoyed the kids, despite the soda mishaps and babies that were tired from the bike ride.  There is nothing like acceptance and a smile to put you at ease, right? They know what we’re going through after all! And maybe it’s possible that they’ve been through sillier and noisier and that this was only a 7 out of a possible 10 on the richter scale.


The Matthew’s brought Jackson a turkey feather that night and he proudly displayed it all evening.  He brought it for show and tell the next day and it’s safely stored in a bag for future viewing 🙂


Proof of pleasant and calm conversation, lest you think that we experienced silliness for 3 hours straight!


And luckily we have the good ol’ trampoline to get that energy focused into a more productive outlet than soda tipping!


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