Dylan’s Family Date


Dylan had a hard time choosing his activity- Swimming or the Castle Park.  He wasn’t sure if the water slides were open yet, so the Castle Park won out! Dylan and Jack had friends over at the time we decided to go, so we invited them along too 🙂


I’d forgotten how far away this park was!  I remember biking up here a few different times one spring when Jackson and Alison were little.  It seems so far away now.  Pleasant Grove?! I did that?!


Jackson and Dylan always have some sort of game going on.  Most times it involves light sabers.  Sometimes cowboy guns and handcuffs.  Today? Spy binoculars (well… only one ocular).  Taylor and Jack are hiding up in the rocket making plans.


Cayden helping Alison on the swings


Jack in a new look-out spot!






It was so hot when we finished up at the park that Cayden and Ashlyn reminded Dylan that he had a $10 budget and should use it for ICE CREAM! He promptly agreed and we got some on the drive home.  Here’s what nine ice cream cones from JCW’s looks like!


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