The First Swim of Summer


After the Dance Festival I decided to check the kids out of school.  I’d had the kids bike to school that morning so I could avoid the insane traffic of the whole school dropping their kids off at the exact same time.  It didn’t really work in my favor though, because Ashlyn and Dylan forgot that Jackson started school at the same time they did that day (Kindergarten starts later on a normal day) and they biked off without him.  He frantically got his helmet and backpack and took off- but I couldn’t count on him catching up so I hopped on the van to follow him to school.  He never did catch up to them but he’s a good biker and didn’t mind doing it on his own.  Ashlyn and Dylan were so embarassed.  It all worked out well.  An hour later I biked up to the school for the Dance Festival and got to zip past blocks and blocks of crowded cars looking for spot.  I parked my bike right next to the fence by the field.  Perfecto!

Back to my story…. After the Dance Festival I checked the kids out of school and we biked home together with Alison and Megan in the bike trailer.  I loved it!  After a yummy lunch we decided to go to the pool- no crowds, right? It was awesome! We practically had the place to ourselves!


Alison enjoyed mimicking her watering can a little too much!


Jackson’s always loved to launch our giant torpedo.


This was Megan’s first year of really playing in the water.  Last year I just held her and followed Alison everywhere.


Alison liked to “water” my knees.  A lot.


Dylan swam everywhere- he was always on the  move!


It was so fun to watch Megan discover the water!


Ashlyn, my water-loving child, did not enjoy the water today.  The diving area was closed for lap-swimming, the fun water-slide area was closed (I think they were still testing everything for the summer), and the candy bar machine ate her money 😦 She spent the time soaking up the sun instead.  Relaxing after school, the Dance Festival and biking? A good choice!


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