Dance Festival


Every year our elementary school puts on a Dance Festival.  Each grade practices a dance and they perform in front of the whole school… and parents.


This was Jackson’s first Dance Festival!  He was so excited! The Kindergarteners did the Chicken Dance, and let me tell you- this chicken hat has royalty status at our house. Don’t mess with the chicken hat! 


Jackson did a great job!


Dylan walking onto the field with his class.  

The 2nd graders did the same song they did when they were in Kindergarten- “It’s a Small World.”  Dylan decided to be a soccer player from another country and we even plainted a little Brazil flag on each cheek.


Dylan did a great job!  There were a lot of places to be around the field and he was always in the right place 🙂


Alison’s new love of all public bathrooms meant trips back the school a few times ( potty-training brings the realization that bathrooms are everywhere).  This also meant walking past the playground a few times. Between Dylan’s dance (2nd grade) and Ashlyn’s dance (5th grade) we finally had a chance to stop and PLAY!


You can see that this was a highlight!


Ashlyn got to perform a lot during the Dance Festival.  The 5th grade opened the event with a patriotic number since this was their year for Hope of America.  They also had their 5th grade dance.


To finish off the day, Ashlyn was one of the announcers and got to close out the Dance Festival.  Ashlyn doesn’t always seek out the spotlight but she decided that this sounded like fun!  She auditioned for the part, went to several after-school practices and did a great job! Way to go!


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  1. Wow, way to go Ashlyn!! Such cute chicken costumes!!! That’s too cute that Alison loves all public restrooms – we had another little friend that was the same way – it was just fun to try out a new one. 🙂 She’d love the bathrooms at the Traverse Mountain outlets – even I was impressed. ha ha. 🙂

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