Michele’s Ogden Marathon


When I found out that this race was Michele’s only marathon this year, I knew that I had to go.  I think this is the closest race I’ve been able to go to as well- so I knew it would be easy!  I was thinking of doing a girls’ trip- but since I’d just started potty-training Alison the day before (on a whim- but when they are ready to start, you’ve got to do it!) this ended up being Megan, Ashlyn and I instead.


This was a GOOD thing that Alison stayed home.  The weather was AWFUL! Megan just got out of the car and was NOT thrilled about the rain.


We parked at the Ogden Botanical Gardens, which was gorgeous!  There were a lot of fun places to explore and a group with their bongos (behind us) were drumming the whole time.  You could see the runners perk up when they got to our mile markers- the drumming and music was enchanting! You almost forgot about the torrential rain….


Megan got used to the rain, and even liked to explore without the umbrella. This place was so beautiful! It is on our summer list of places to go!  We didn’t go too far because I was afraid I’d miss Michele.


Michele passing the gardens- Mile 24 of 26.  She finally caught a break with the rain…. but she is still soaked 😦 I was so proud of her and was so glad we’d driven up to cheer her on!


Michele- Made it to the finish line!


I know this was one of the more miserable marathons, but I am so proud of Michele for finishing!  I admire her for all of the time and training it takes to get ready for a marathon, much less the grueling mental battle you wage to get you to the finish line. (At least that’s how I picture it… grueling).  Way to go!


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