Mother’s Day


Every year we pant flowers for my mom for Mother’s Day.  I love walking through the isles of the nursery, planning colors and trying out new plants.


This year Alison, Megan, Ellie, Dominic and Cosette joined the fun!


It’s fun to see how much the flowers have grown each time we visit! We also planted flowers for Matt’s mom. I didn’t take pictures (drat!) but Alison thoroughly enjoyed being the only helper while Matt’s dad supplied Megan with treats to keep her from running off! We also had a celebratory double-date at Texas Road House which was loud, busy and fun!


Mother’s Day- All of my children except Alison….


…. Because she had a fever and slept all afternoon.


Ashlyn knows how much I love flowers, so she arranged lilacs for me in the kitchen.  Our house smelled so good for days!


Matt and I – Enjoying a rare leisurely “after-church” afternoon.


It really was leisurely!  It was a bright, sunny day.  Matt and I sat on the porch while children from the neighborhood flocked to the front yard.


We took Megan to feed the neighbor’s chickens and collect eggs.  It was her first time to help and she could not decide if she was apprehensive or excited.  We found that the chickens go nuts for any kind of leftovers so they are always excited and are never apprehensive when we come over- no matter how many helpers we bring!


Megan wishes she was old enough to ride a bike


Mother’s Day with my family- Lisa, Laura, Kristin, Mom, Me, Michele, Helen

Matt was such a nice husband/dad and stayed home with Alison and Megan (in case she was also getting sick) so that I could come.


Ross made a fabulous seven-layered lemon cake- rich and summery at the same time!


Ashlyn found a dragon fly and it wasn’t scared of her at all!


I had such a wonderful day. I love being a mom.  It’s a lot of work, more than I would ever have guessed.  Even as the years go by it seems like my workload increases and rearranges itself.  There is no constant or chance to become complacent because my roles and responsibilities are always evolving.  That’s the goal really- to become better, to be better, finding better parenting processes, make cleaning more efficient, better use of time, simplify to the things that matter most, understanding what each child needs.  All of these things change because life…never… stays…the…same.  I love my family and I love that I get to be the mother of these wonderful children


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