A Week of Performing


As the school year comes to a close, the time comes for everyone to show off the things they’ve been working on. I think all of the big events happened around the same time and it was fun to see them all getting ready.


Cayden’s the second tallest of his friends.  It was strange to see him looking shorter, although it didn’t help that he was standing behind Hyrum 🙂


Mr. Thornton, known in our ward as Brother Thornton (and now Bishop Thornton), did a great job with the choir!


I missed Dylan’s talent show earlier in the year (and he was so nervous that he decided not to perform) so this time I HAD to make it to this one.  I loved seeing Alison tucked under his arm.


Dylan played a strong piece, one of his older songs that I didn’t even realize he still knew! I had predicted that he’d play his current favorite- but it was nice to see him pick out his own song to perform!


I surprised Ashlyn by remembering to come (and I came during the correct period- she didn’t realize I could figure that out)!


She played “Chinese Boogie” and did a great job!


Ashlyn’s “Ohio” project took the whole last semester- working on written (typed) reports, creating a power-point presentation and giving it in front of the class, creating a display board and then preparing to talk to the whole school (and parents) about her state.  I had so much fun working with Ashlyn on this project! I really want to go see Ohio now.


  • More US Presidents have come from Ohio than from any other state.

  • They have a tomato festival every year to celebrate Alexander Livingston, the person who created the modern tomato- sweeter, bigger, etc.

It was a fun week to have everyone show off their talents and projects from the year!


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