My Babies With Their Babies


One of my friends is illustrating a children’s book and she needed a little girl around Alison’s age to pose for her holding a doll.  A little before the time she was coming over to take pictures, I decided to take some of my own- just of the girls playing with their babies- in case they were shy when she was there.


They were shy and didn’t really want to do more than stare at her when she came over, so I was glad that I’d taken these.


Playing with babies is Megan and Alison’s favorite thing to do together.  We have plenty of baby dolls, and plenty of beds/porta-crib spots to put them in.  Between feeding them and arranging them, their morning is taken care of!


It’s hard to imagine, sometimes, that they will have babies of their own someday.  But when I catch these glimpses I know that being a mother is part of them already- although in the learning stages- and that they are learning from me.  That is humbling….


I will do my best.  Hopefully they’ll laugh and shrug off my mistakes, keep the good stuff and add a lot of their own.


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  1. Brilliant to take some pictures first- and they turned out so well! You always have the best kid ideas- I think they’ll have a lot to live up to. 🙂

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