The Freeze-A-Thon


Our elementary school has done a Walk-A-Thon as a fundraiser for the last few years.  Every year I’ve gone to cheer and help out.  This is something I can DO! And bring my younger kids.  It’s a win-win! This year it was FREEZING.  Snow and drizzly rain mixed together.  I drove winter coats up to the school to replace the jackets they’d originally brought. I decided that this would be the first year that I wouldn’t go.


And then it let up.  I thought- I’ll just go for 10 minutes.  We bundled up and loaded up.  It was really cold and most of the time we had Matt’s denim blanket draped over the stroller because that thing doesn’t let anything get through!  It is so heavy!


Dylan had left his coat in his classroom.  I was glad I showed up just before they started- he was shivering and it was starting to drizzle again.  Jackson and I (plus the girls) went to get Dylan’s coat while he started running laps.  We came back, zipped him up, rearranged his lap card and sent him off again.  Jackson had a fun time running with Dylan and they kept each other company.  When we went home, I KNEW we wouldn’t go back for the afternoon half (Ashlyn and Jackson’s grades). It was just too cold.


Megan woke up from her nap early though, and it seemed a little sunnier than it had been that morning.  It had to be warmer, right?  We cheered Jackson on, the denim blanket kept blowing off the stroller and it started to snow again.  I decided it was time to go.  I just needed to find Ashlyn for a quick “Good Job!” and we’d be off.


And then Alison saw Ashlyn.  She was so happy!  Alison ran back and forth and was so glad to be a part of it all instead of kept in a stroller.  Megan even got out and ran around.  The sun came out  for a bit but the girls were ready to go when we left.


Ashlyn and Cali!


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