April Wrap Up


This month was one of a kind.  Megan and Alison were so creative in the things they’ve been getting into- I cannot predict what will come next.  As hard as I try to tuck items up high and in unusual places (I’m resorting to the top of the drier due to Alison’s ability to scale the top shelf of the pantry) I feel like I’m falling behind!


As I was gathering laundry Megan found the bucket of flour in the pantry.


Luckily it was almost empty so even though it looks like flour is EVERYWHERE, it’s really not too bad.  I didn’t make a big deal of it and put the girls in the bathtub, cleaned it all up and we were back to normal.


It must have been a lot of fun though, because during Megan’s nap time (and my continuation of laundry day) Alison remembered where we keep the HUGE bucket of flour.  It doesn’t look like a lot of flour (the bright white pile is sugar), but it really was. It’s happened twice more (on a smaller scale) but I think (with a lot of optimism) that we might be done with this.


Poultry seasoning and a bottle of sprinkles.


A few days later…. every sprinkle we own.


A brand new bag of frozen blueberries.


These kind of messes I love. Wipes? I’ll take them over blueberries any day!


Ankle deep in mud- broken sprinkler pipes.


This month the weather warmed up enough to brave swimsuits and water balloons! I wish I could remember if it broke 🙂


Snake water balloon wars were a hit!

Despite the crazy amounts of unusual messes, we had a great month together.  I love spring! I love outside playing and the kids walking home from school. Just the warmth brings renewed optimism and appreciation.


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