Jackson has afternoon Kindergarten.  I thought this was great because after school Ashlyn, Dylan and Jackson could all walk home together with our neighbors. Easy for me, fun for them.  I did not realize that since Jackson was home in the morning, he would provide hours of entertainment for Alison before he left for school.  Our days normally went: Take everyone to school, play or do errands, have lunch, take Jackson to school, come home and put Megan and Alison to bed.  Alison’s whole day was taken care of! By the time she woke up, everyone was coming home from school!  A few different days Jackson’s Kindergarten schedule has been moved to the mornings (for field trips and school events) and we have really missed this cheerful guy in the mornings!  One morning in particular, they set up an obstacle course in the hallway and spent a good hour performing their tricks.


I have to admit that this was really Alison’s idea, but Jackson turned it into a three-pillow course…


Jackson can get some serious air when he jumps!


Feelin’ the LOVE when Alison wears this shirt! It is so cute!


We are sure going to miss Jackson when he is in school all day next year….


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