Hope of America


Ashlyn’s just finishing up 5th grade, which means “Hope of America!” Every year all of the 5th graders from across the school district put on a patriotic program at the Marriott Center.


Matt and Ashlyn drove off around dinner time and picked up some food from a drive-through on the way out.  Matt parked in a genius parking spot (not at the Marriott Center- at the parking lot just on the other side of the bridge) and got there in plenty of time!


Matt really enjoyed the program and had learned most of these songs when he was in elementary song.  The the author of most of those songs worked at his school and developed the patriotic program there.  Ashlyn is part of the blue section of the flag- top row!


You can even see her while long-sleeved shirt folded across her lap 🙂 They had a great time, didn’t have to battle the huge traffic jam at the Marriott Center and were home in no time!

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