Alison’s 3rd Birthday


I can’t believe how quickly Alison is growing up!  I still remember trying to take her baby pictures…. Now she’s three, likes to talk, is working on potty-training and has favorite clothes to wear (and least favorite clothes that she HATES to wear).  She likes to ride her bike and loves going to the park.  Favorite foods?  Cheese and sugary things.


This was the first year Alison knew what was going on!  She loved every present that she opened (doll accessories, a Curious George shirt and beads)!  Now every time she sees a present or package arrive at the door, or a cake/cupcake in any form she exclaims, “My birthday cake!” or “My birthday present!” We’ve enjoyed a month of post-birthday celebration because in her mind, we just keep on celebrating!


There is something special about watching this kind of joy. It’s contagious!


Dylan captured Alison’s smile on my camera 🙂


I have to admit that her birthday “cake” was leftover Durkovich brownies from Sunday.  It was so incredibly yummy and she was so incredibly excited that it worked out for everyone!


Alison especially loved blowing out her three candles.  I have sure celebrated a fun three years with her!


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