I Was Born To Cook!


It’s not a secret – I love to cook.  It doesn’t matter what- I will try it!  I’m always adding new dinners to the rotation, trying a different dessert and I’m always hunting for a different bread recipe. I follow food blogs (Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, Our Best Bites) and my food boards on Pinterest get the most pins.  I enjoy it.  Cleaning up after making dinner?  That’s the chore.  When Matt’s mom set up a cooking class, I was so excited!  Matt’s in sunny ol’ Florida on a business trip?  I’m still going to make it work.  I think my older kids sweated bullets because they’d never actually put Megan to bed before.  (They just had to play with her for a half hour before putting her in her crib).  I think I was sweating bullets!  They did very well, and I had a great night out!


We each had our own work station/sink/pans/prepared ingredients!


Matt’s dad and Uncle Steve


Matt’s mom, a neighbor and Maria


Leslie and I, displaying our stuffed chicken- and we both stuffed that chicken FULL of goat cheese!  We also tackled steamed lemon pudding, roasted vegetables and fingerling potatoes.  We also enjoyed a huge salad and raspberry mousse. A fun evening with some of my favorite people!


The whole group with Chef Scott at Melanie’s Sunsational Gourmet!  

Back Row: Matt’s dad, Uncle Steven, Grandma’s fun neighbor, Ali, Leslie, Megan, Matt’s mom

Front Row: Me, Chef Scott, Maria


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  1. Mary Ellen loved being with all of you. What fun and positive people. We love you as our own.
    Mary Ellen and Dale Peterson

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