Construction and Pulleys- Kids at Play


I’m going to start out this post by stating that this did not happen on a Saturday.

This occurred in a Wednesday.

I was stumped- Piano Lesson Day?

Wait- 12:35pm time-stamp? Ahhhh… Spring Break!  See- this is why I shouldn’t get a month behind on journaling/blogging.  It’s all coming back…..


Solution for bored kids =  Really cool fort construction.  But really, each person needs his own fort.


Here is Ashlyn, taking a jumping break after constructing her double-wide in the background.


Dylan decided that his house would be in and under the tree.


In turn, this led to his job as “Mailman.”


We found a bucket, attached a plastic hook and “Voila!” just slide that baby down the rope


Jack was in charge of treat distribution and Ashlyn was in charge of hydration.  Tang was made and consumed in abundance that afternoon.


Alison’s house was under the trampoline.


Her favorite thing to do? Drawing!

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