The “Almost” Best Day of Ashlyn’s Life


This is the story of a girl and a dog.  


Now this girl loves dogs more than anyone else and has wanted one since the day she could talk. This story is tragic though, because she was born into a family with two parents who want kids instead of dogs.


One day the heroine was walking home from school with her little brothers and saw a huge brown dog.  Right away that dog knew that she was a dog-lover…. And followed her the whole way home.


For one glorious afternoon she had all of the joys of dog-ownership.  They played fetch, chase and frisbee.  She taught her littlest sister to pet dogs.


In the end, the girl had to come inside to do her homework (remember those parents?) and she decided to do it by the big front window of her house so she could watch over her dog.  Sadly, their time together was over, and by the time she settled onto the couch by the window he was gone.


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